The Newcomer’s guide to Affiliate Marketing

Businesses would spend a good amount of money each year on different forms of advertising to grow. But it was pretty difficult to stand out from the competition and make money through this method.

Smaller companies had to compete with the larger businesses that could budget for a lot more money. Even if they could get the chance to advertise, it would be a lot more challenging to attempt to gauge success against the competition.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses were in a disadvantageous situation. Growth prospects were difficult. But that was before the Internet came to dominate our life.

Now, things have changed dramatically. Affiliate Marketing provides anyone who has an internet connection and an understanding of its basics the means to earn money through helping brands to sell online and grow their business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method to reduce wasteful spending in their marketing budget. It is quite exasperating to pay thousands for clicks and impressions to win a handful of customers.

Countless businesses didn’t get the benefits they had expected. Now, as online advertising costs have gone up, they moved on to other ways to reduce costs but still provide ways to make their customer base grow.

Though most businesses acknowledge that money spent for advertising is essential, they also need to have their costs limited to customers earned.

Here is the beginning of the idea that brought affiliate marketing. Under this marketing method, businesses and affiliates form performance-based and revenue-sharing relationships between brand and marketer.

A business that may wish to increase its product sales through an affiliate program can offer a financial reward. On the other hand, individuals can earn money by associating with a product that can add some value.

Here we open this exciting world to beginners who can explore what affiliate marketing is, how affiliate marketing works, and most importantly, how you can make money doing affiliate marketing. Learn how you need to stand out from the crowd as companies also find it challenging to get good affiliate marketers.

Let’s begin this journey!

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing


When any person first talk about this topic, the first and the most fundamental question comes up.

“How does affiliate marketing work?”

We need to look at the definition first to answer this basic yet most important question.

So, here is a basic definition to sum it up nicely.

Affiliate marketing provides a way to earn money by selling another company’s products or services for a commission without having any inventory of your own. So, you will get paid when a referred consumer purchases a product or service or completes a specific task.

It is a way for businesses to outsource their marketing activities to others strictly on a performance basis. It can offer companies a 100% return on investment that making it a unique online marketing method.

It also means that you get the opportunity to earn a fair amount of deal of money by selling some other company’s product. You make more when you can sell more.

Your input will be as little as you want it to be since you don’t have to incur customer service, shipping, or overhead costs.

To earn money through affiliate marketing, you need to understand all parties involved. What do they gain from this relationship? Knowing about every role and how it can provide you with an avenue to make money is the crucial and first step when beginning as an affiliate.

The Parties Involved In Affiliate Marketing

You have to develop relationships with three specific parties to succeed in affiliate marketing:


The business/entity/person selling the actual product or service is the Merchant or the Advertiser. As an affiliate, you will need to work with them. Most established advertisers have already established an affiliate program in place. You need to create your space on the Internet to sell the products.

Affiliate Marketer

You are this person who will sell the merchant’s products or services in exchange for a commission. As per the contract you have with the merchant, you need to get clicks or leads in the form of ads, links, or sometimes, unique phone numbers that you mention on your site.

This Advertiser Affiliate relationship is highly strategic. Both parties have to earn money to continue the association. As both need to work closely, you should agree on your responsibilities, roles, and payment.


The third part is the consumer who would hopefully buy the product. So, Trust should be the foundation of the relation between the consumer and the affiliate marketer.

The consumer starts by interacting with your marketing efforts, such as clicking an ad or tracked URL. Then they move ahead into the merchant‘s sales funnel. If they purchase something or complete a specific action as the affiliate and merchant have previously agreed upon, everyone gets their share of the exchange.

As the affiliate, you will work on affiliate advertising or publish content to encourage consumers to buy services/ products the merchant sells. You will have an affiliate marketing process that will provide you with the opportunity to create a market for you to promote to your target audience.

The merchant will track when a customer comes to them due to your affiliate marketing efforts. They will pay you if the customer purchases a product or service using various platforms and technologies.

You will have no say over what you sell or the price you can sell it for as you are a third-party. However, you also carry a lesser risk.

When each aspect of affiliate marketing works together, everybody gets benefited. Merchants sell their services/ products & make profits, the affiliate earns a commission, and the consumers can get the services/ products they want.

You can secure a long term source of money if you can play your role well. Keep a consistent strategy and build stronger relationships with all three involved parties.

Here we can take a look at how in real life, it works.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate or associate program is an agreement where the merchant or advertiser agrees to pay a commission to the affiliate or a publisher or influencer for bringing in leads or sales.

The affiliate gets a unique link using which the merchant can track referrals, primarily using cookies. The length of the cookie will determine how long it will keep track of the clicks on that link.

Some popular affiliate programs are review sites, coupon promotions, email marketing programs and search affiliates. You should choose the one which is aligned the best with your audience’s behaviour.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links have the affiliate’s ID or username as well as the advertiser’s URL. They are unique URLs.

Companies that offer affiliate programs make use of such links to record the traffic their website receives. The affiliate will get paid when a person clicks the affiliate link and purchases the endorsed product from the advertiser’s site.

Essentially, you need to disclose when you are using affiliate links. It is critical that you inform if any link or promotion might result in a commission for you.

Is It Still Viable?

One of the most relatable and biggest concerns of anybody new to the world of affiliate marketing is this. Is there scope for a new affiliate to still be successful?

It depends on what you want to sell as an affiliate.

Interest in affiliate marketing is trending positively for quite some time, as Google Trends shows.

At first, this might feel disheartening. Just like you are interested in exploring, so do your friends, coworkers and neighbours. It conveys a sense that for beginners, affiliate marketing will be quite an uphill task.

Though the idea isn’t entirely untrue, it’s not the whole truth. Becoming an affiliate means adapting to the times like the rest of the digital world. That indicates while enthusiasm has increased than before, opportunities have also increased.

Affiliate marketing is still a good option when you are ready to make an effort to find what works and. Once you hone your approach, you can make money, though you may have trial and error.


Is It Truly Profitable for the smaller players?

After the Google Ads platform, Affiliate marketing generates the most revenue for businesses.

So, newcomers have the potential to be profitable when if you can approach using the proper system.

As an affiliate, you can create an excellent source of residual income. You need to put in some reasonable amount of work for the possibility of a sale. As you can build up the system, you can immediately start earning a profit.

You need to only put in the required efforts to send highly targeted traffic to a product or page landing page and generate sales. You don’t have to hassle with a product or look into customer complaints.

However, your efforts will be profitable or not depends on factors outside your control. It is not just about sending visitors to the merchant’s website and hoping they buy. Going for an unsustainable brand could lose you money and discourage you from being an affiliate for good. So don’t just go for the first brand you see. It would be best if you do some serious background checks. You can profit from being an affiliate when you prepare the right strategy and do your homework correctly.


Affiliate marketing is likely to be a fruitful way to establish beneficial relationships with those brands and other companies you admire within your industry.

You can gain relevant insights into the affiliate business model and acquire innovative strategies to develop your opportunities from such businesses.

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