How Multichain technology helps to improve the blockchain experience?

Blockchain technology has brought out a very different approach to storing data. Data gets stored in blocks that then get linked together in a chain. Once data gets stored, it is impossible to delete, change or tamper with the data. Since it is decentralised and controlled by the whole community, the data remains secure.

As this technology is getting accepted, several problems such as limited capacity, irrelevant data, transaction costs, lack of privacy, mining risks & security risks have come up. Multichain technology can be implemented to make the blockchain experience seamless & hassle-free.

MultiChain is a platform that enables users to establish private blockchains. It has a command-line interface & a simple API that are suitable for financial transactions. Also, it provides support to multiple assets such as financial instruments and currency. It provides developers with the necessary support to set up and preserve the Blockchain. Besides, it gives users the environment to connect at the enterprise level.

Visibility of the Blockchain should be always active and be limited to the chosen participants to avoid confusion. It will lead to better control and stability over which transactions exist. The mining process can be done safely and securely with the help of proof of work and the cost associated with it. It also has a feature that results in mining diversity. Doing so limits the number of blocks that a miner can create within a particular window. Also, there are no transaction or mining fees as it is a private blockchain. This model only transacts the accounts validated to the participants of this chain. Also, the automatic exchanges feature prevents one-sided or double-spending transactions.

Multichain takes place when different nodes in a blockchain connect, which is known as peer-to-peer handshaking. So, every node transmits a message to the others. Each node is identified by an address with a list of permissions. The sender node determines a public address that has the necessary permissions & has a private key. Then, it sends a message to the receiver node. To complete the process, the receiver node signs with the private key matching its presented address. However, if the results derived from the process are not satisfactory, it will lead to the peer-to-peer connection getting aborted.

It enables a quick development process. The creation of a new blockchain and connection to an existing one can be done very quickly. For cross-chain applications, it is pretty effortless to deploy unlimited blockchains per server. It lets users verify & authorise a significantly large number of assets on a blockchain-based ledger.

Creating multiple time series, key-value, or identifying databases on a blockchain is possible. It makes it quite ideal for encrypted archiving, data sharing, and timestamping. Besides, it also enables the issue of assets that are verified & tracked at the network level. Perform safe multi-party and multi-asset atomic exchange transactions. By providing control over who can send & receive transactions, create blocks, streams & assets, the user is assured of security. The Blockchain can be as open or closed as needed.

It is pretty easy to use by developers who can build applications & blockchains very quickly and with minor troubles. Flexible security features like external private keys, multi signatures, admin by consensus, and cold nodes are helpful for businesses. Customisable features provide complete control over each detail of the Blockchain.


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