Cryptocurrency is Reliable & Safe

Technology has caused a radical change in communicating, working, shopping, and paying for things in the last several years. Due to the Digital India initiative by the Government of India, digital payments or transactions have become more prominent than ever. People are now well-acquainted with popular and trustworthy payment methods such as debit and credit cards, bank transfers or even Apple Pay for quite some time. The latest entrant on the scene is “Cryptocurrency”. It is quite a promising and one-of-a-kind addition to the whole digital transaction experience.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual or online currency used for buying and selling goods and services. Cryptography provides for its security. It isn’t dependent on banks for the verification of transactions. Instead, it keeps a public ledger of transactions in the form of immutable blocks on the blockchain. The word “cryptocurrency” derives from the different encryption techniques widely used to secure all transactions. The aim of cryptography, as a method of encryption, is to give security and safety.

Blockchain is behind the technology that enables it to happen. It is a decentralised network that maintains records and manages transactions through connections with multiple computers. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency. It is considered a trendsetter, which has become a significant driver of interest for investors.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Ether and Bitcoin have established a supersized prominence in the crypto world. Recently, some other notable cryptocurrencies have been on the rise too. These include Cardano, EVOL Coin, Litecoin and Polkadot, among the many more cryptocurrencies available today. Today, several businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a possible method of payment. The recent increase in the value of bitcoin has shown cryptocurrency to be a viable and promising investment option. That is due to the varied benefits of cryptocurrencies. These include individual ownership, global access, quality speed, security & autonomy, enhanced adaptability, protection from inflation & fraud, and affordable transaction cost.


Is cryptocurrency a reliable & safe investment?

While it is essential to recognise that no investment is genuinely safe, cryptocurrencies carry a certain amount of risk. But they have also proved to be a lucrative investment for many people today. Investing in cryptocurrencies isn’t as complicated as stocks. Here, there are many stocks available to confuse us daily. So, cryptocurrencies could be a safe option. However, without taking proper safety measures, they can be hacked as well. There are probable uncertainties and risks associated with investments. We can’t consider any virtual currency investment unsafe.

Trading in cryptocurrency need not always be risky. The investor needs to know the market thoroughly and manage it with care. As of today, there are various options in cryptocurrency available to us. However, all of them aren’t safe. Before investing hard-earned money into cryptocurrency, it is necessary to exercise a certain amount of precaution. It is imperative to conduct detailed & thorough background research about the creator of the coin. Also, it is essential to find out its affiliation with well-known brands or not and if its screening processes are rigorous or traded on safe exchanges.

There will likely be severe consequences if one doesn’t apply the best practices to keep cryptocurrency safe from hackers. Cyber-criminals have noticed them due to wide adoption and growing popularity. Several notable cases have occurred in the past several years where cryptocurrency owners have not been able to recover or have lost money. That is the negative aspect that no Government or central bank backs any virtual or digital currency. Therefore, a simple solution to prevent losses due to unauthorised access is to keep the cryptocurrency in an offline device like a ‘cold storage’ device.

Cold storage is a time tested method to keep cryptocurrency tokens offline. It provides the necessary protection from theft. The most basic way is an external hard drive or a paper wallet to store the key and address required to access the currency. It is important to only access the cryptocurrency and other relevant information during the trading operation. After use, disconnect. It becomes very convenient to use and store cryptocurrencies by ensuring safety and reliability with minimal risks.


Cryptocurrency has caused a radical change in the digital transaction sector. It is all set to be accepted as a convenient payment method. It is accurate to state that cryptocurrency is undoubtedly here to stay, and the future belongs to it. Like any new technology, it has to be underpinned by robust systems and clarity regarding regulation for its security and safety. Once we find out the best methods to protect cryptocurrencies from risks and fraud, it could be a reliable form of investment.

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