EVOL Network, the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing platform

Evol Network is an Affiliate Marketing Platform created to serve business needs to market products or services efficiently and cost-effectively and provide the highest security. You can sell your products & services to your customers at a lower price.

We have recently launched EVOL, our Virtual Decentralised Cryptocurrency. You can use EVOL instead of money to avail of our Affiliate Marketing services in future.

Get a very good Return on Investment.

Increase the number of your ultimate customers.

Promote your business at a reduced cost.

Customers will get products or services at lower costs.

We intend to disrupt the online advertising landscape and solve various problems, such as privacy and consent to receive sponsored messages, advertising fraud, and increased adblocker usage. We recognise the need for innovation in Affiliate Marketing.

Membership Plan

When you join EVOL Network & hold even a single Evol, you automatically become a member. You get a referral code to share with your friends and family members. For each referral, you can get free evol coins. We have 4 types of membership plans which are explained below:

1. Silver Member

2. Gold Member

3. Platinum Member

4. Diamond Member

How to become EVOL Member & what are the benefits?

If you have 5,000 EVOL, you become a Silver member. After your friend signs up using your referral code, you will get free evol worth 2% of the number of EVOL they purchase. They also get an extra 5% free EVOL.

To become a Gold member, you will need to hold a minimum of 50,000 EVOL. Then your friend & you both earn a commission of 10 % EVOL each.

For Platinum membership, the minimum requirement is 2,50,000 EVOL. The commission rates will be 25% for you & 20% for your friend.

Lastly, in the Diamond membership plan, you will need to hold 1,000,000 EVOL. Then you can earn 40% commission while your friend will get 20%.


Jan — Mar 2021

Our work started when we decided to work on developing EVOL Network. We began by planning for the way ahead.

April — June 2021

First, we developed the design of the system. Then, we worked on fixing the bugs, strengthening the security and testing the system. Lastly, we also worked on internal testing of the On-chain & Off-chain ecosystem.

Aug — Sep 2021

At present, we are working on building up our community for EVOL Network. Once the system is in place, our clients will avail of our services using EVOL Coins. Our Pre-Launch Private Sale, from 3 August to 7 September, was an impressive success. We are launching Private Sale Round 1 from 14 September, which will continue till 28 October.

Oct-Dec 2021

We will make the system available for the final internal and community testing of the Affiliate Marketing platform. Also, vendors, promotors & members will be able to register on the Off-chain centralised network.

Jan — Mar 2022

Our Affiliate Marketing platform will be open to the public.

April — June 2022

Once the EVOL Network community becomes available, decisions regarding the network are to be made by voting, such as mining tokens. We will also work on the internal testing of the app system. We will build each system to support On-chain & Off-chain transactions.

Aug — Sep 2022

As per the voting by the community, we will work on developing EVOL Network further as per need.

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