HODL in Crypto-world: What is it?

HODL in Crypto-world: What is it?

With the introduction of Blockchain technology, many innovative terms are coming to life. One of those terms is “HODL”. 

HODL is a new term used in the community of crypto-enthusiasts. It means to hold the cryptocurrency instead of selling it.

The term may look like it is a typing error or a typo, but people have been using it to describe that they will not buy or sell cryptocurrency. 

HODL means “Hold On” or most famously ", Hold On for Dear Life”. The reason for this is that prices are fluctuating because the overall value of the cryptocurrency is affected.

Where did HODL come from?

HODL first appeared in 2013 in Bitcointalk when the user named “GameKyubbi” wrote "I AM HOLDING IT" as a subject. 

The Chinese government caused Bitcoin to lose its price, and that affected a lot of people. So, he suggested that he hold the crypto-asset and wait for the future opportunity to sell when the price increases. 

So, what he wrote later became quite popular among the community, social media and other platforms. People started using the word "HODL" in memes and social media posts. Because of this, the term became common in the crypto-community and crypto-world. Now everybody is using it.

Why is the word "HODL" relevant?

The community uses the word to show that they will not make a move and wait for the market to change. 

The world of cryptocurrency is never the same. You can quickly lose 100% of the value the same month you buy the cryptocurrency, or you could win a 200% price increase in your cryptocurrency. So, you never know what is going to happen. 

Cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum are volatile. They also do not follow a growth pattern; it is just a "wait and see" scenario. 

So, the people added meaning to the word, forming "Hold On for Dear Life” This meaning made sense with the cryptocurrency market.

In the crypto-world, the people who “Hodl” their cryptocurrency are called “Hodlers”. 

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