Cryptocurrency ETFs

When it comes to trading, Cryptocurrency exchanges have several subtle nuances. So many investors favour holding or trading cryptocurrency through ETF or an exchange-traded fund. Cryptocurrency ETFs aren’t much distinct from hugely popular mutual funds or traditional ETFs.

Cryptocurrency ETFs trade over exchanges like the American Nasdaq Stock Market or New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It is easier to trade cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Evol Coin, Binance, and Tether. While traditional ETF tracks a basket of assets or indexes, cryptocurrency ETF tracks digital tokens.

What is cryptocurrency ETF?

Cryptocurrency ETFs give investors the chance to trade in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency coins or tokens, offering greater liquidity and transparency and exposing potential shareholders to the token or currency. Individuals can own it in the cryptocurrency market. An investor won’t need to manage multiple digital wallets to acquire and track different cryptocurrencies with an ETF.

How does it function?

In traditional ETFs, the fund provider owns assets, like commodities or stocks, to track. Investors purchase shares of these funds. Likewise, any organisation that provides cryptocurrency ETF and manages its funds should own the underlying assets such as a currency or digital token it wants to track. The fund is opened to potential investors to buy, where shares give ownership. By buying shares of the fund, they can directly own the tokens.

Which options are available to invest in cryptocurrency ETF?

At present, there isn’t much option in cryptocurrency ETF. Some countries, like India, haven’t yet decided on their stand regarding cryptocurrency. In this scenario, most parts of the world were not considering cryptocurrency ETFs. But, in the several places where their application had received approval, various platforms give types of services distinct from each other.

For now, Bitcoin ETFs are the most well-known cryptocurrency ETFs. Nevertheless, Bitcoin ETFs like Bitcoin Investment Trust that works in the US doesn’t directly own them. Instead, they own portfolios of stock having exposure to blockchain technology. Other Blockchain ETFs have chosen blockchain technology to give cryptocurrency assets to investors. Usually, crypto ETFs impose a management fee of approximately 2 %.

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