Save Cryptocurrency Tokens from Theft: Increase the security of your Crypto Wallet.

Of course, cryptocurrency is safe and secure, but how safe? Hackers have found ways to steal your data, like crypto coins. If the hackers find their way into your account, you will not know it. 

The cryptocurrency tokens are kept in crypto-wallets where they are safe. Still, due to the account holder’s negligence and the improper storage of the cryptocurrency tokens, the hackers can steal the tokens from the wallet. 

So, does that mean the crypto-wallets are not safe? No, it is not like that. The wallets have “changing” security levels, and all the account holders have their private keys to access the crypto-wallets. 

You should never forget the private keys to keep your tokens secure in your wallet. Failing to remember the private keys will result in the loss of the tokens. 

If a hacker somehow gets to your private keys, it will be easier for him to access your account. So, it is wise to know some other levels of security and options for storage to add an extra layer to your safety. 

You can use double verifications options available to add more security to your account. You can add multiple people to verify access to your wallet; it is called the multi-signature concept. You can see if the software provides better security with the updates or not. 

Let us see the best possible options for securing your Crypto-wallet,


  • Cold Wallet:

Cold Wallets do not need an internet connection to store your bitcoins. They are more secure offline wallets. 

Paper Wallets are the best examples of the Cold Wallet. They provide more security, and you can remain anonymous. A Paper Wallet can be generated off of a website, and then it creates public and private keys. You can then print it out on a piece of paper, 

It will be your responsibility to store the printed piece of paper. You can keep it safe with your bank locker or laminate it. Just don’t lose it!

  • Hot Wallet:

Hot Wallets require an internet connection to transfer the funds and do any transaction. But the problem with such an online storage option is that hackers can get your private keys and hack into your wallet to earn. 

Software Wallets are considered Hot Wallets because they are software using the internet to access your secure account.

Cloud Wallets are also using the internet to let you open your secure account or wallet. They are also Hot Wallets.

  • Hardware Wallet:

So, a hardware Wallet is a safer way to store your bitcoins. Hardware Wallets allow you to be anonymous because the bitcoins will be in external storage. But if Hardware Wallet is lost, the recovery of Private Keys becomes difficult. So you must not lose the Hardware Wallet device. 

  • Backup:

Back up your Crypto Wallet to a secure location or multiple locations with a strongly encrypted password. You can choose to backup your wallet in many offline ways. 

So, the above are some of the ways you can secure your crypto-wallet. 

  • Off-chain Wallet

We at EVOL Network have developed two types of crypto-wallets for you. 

First, we offer you an On-chain Wallet which means you can do transactions on the blockchain. All of your transactions will be registered on the blockchain ledger. 

We also offer you an Off-chain Wallet which means you will be able to do transactions by exchanging the Private Keys instead of transferring funds. Furthermore, the transactions you do with Off-chain Wallet will be faster and cheaper. 

We also protect your identity by letting you do all the transactions anonymously. 

You can use the earned EVOL coins to pay for the services and get the best value.



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