EVOL NETWORK: The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Platform

Welcome to Evol Network!

What is Evol Network?

Evol Network is a virtual decentralized cryptocurrency that is entirely yours and only works for you, introducing EVOL EVOL is an ERC — 20 utility tokens designed to function in a blockchain an ecosystem that provides an Affiliate Network which advertises a product or
a service offering a cryptocurrency reward for promoters who successfully refer a converted user.

Evol Network offers presale tokens and the benefit of Evol Network Pre-sale Includes :

1. Pre-ICO tokens are offered with a significant discount and bonus.
2. Bonus will be a profit for you when tokens get on the exchange.
3. The sooner you buy tokens, the better. The first backers who receive the enormous profit from placing the token will be on the exchange.
4. A presale event consists of funding from family, friends, close associates, and investors with large capitals, while an ICO consists of
funding from the general public.

Evol Network is providing presale EVOL at a discounted price. So, anyone can become an Evol member by having one EVOL. Apart from
that, anyone can be a GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM DIAMOND member. All can Earn referral commission & also get additional EVOL Tokens, respectively.

We Evol Network welcome all to Join become part of the Evol Network Community.

website: www.evolnetwork.com

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